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Speaker: Stanton Gatewood, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Georgia

We, the cyber community, some 4 billion +/- users and by most estimates over 50% of the world’s population, have gotten very/very good at reacting to a cyber incident – BIG or small!  We have become oblivious and mostly reactive and, in some ways, numb to things that go on around us in the physical-world and in cyberspace.

  • You just returned from a national conference – you must have handed-out 100’s of business cards.
  • The amount of spam email has spiked at work and in your personal email inbox
  • The work or home network, and hosts/endpoints are being scanned by an “unknown” IP address every night

These scenarios all represent Cyber “Left of Bang”, the activity before something cyber happens.  How many times have you brushed it all off as normal or an anomaly?

We can defend and protect ourselves in cyberspace, even STOP an imminent attack! Join your peers to learn how an attacker prepares to attack and harvest personally identifiable information or masquerade as the CFO and convince you to send or transfer $$$.  Learn awareness, preparedness and resilience tactics for home and work to thwart the would-be-hacker.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the “Cyber-Kill-Chain” and the various stages of a cyber-attack as it pertains to network security.
  • Learn defense-in-depth tactics to protect and defend your work or home systems – Before the Bang!
  • Discuss how technology, awareness, and people are used for identification and prevention of cyber intrusions.


  • Global & Cultural Effectiveness
  • Critical Evaluation