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Quantum Radiology sets the standard in medical imaging and is comprised of a team of sub-specialized physicians who leverage their experience and expertise to diagnose, treat, and care for patients’ health. Quantum provides 24/7 radiology coverage for the WellStar Health System and interprets over 1.4 Million exams annually at eight hospital locations and over 91 outpatient diagnostic centers, including multiple stroke and trauma centers.

As the largest private practice radiology group in Georgia, and recognized as a center of excellence, Quantum’s diagnostic insight is vital to the complete cycle of patient care. We are patient focused and patient driven, above all. Our advanced, world-class imaging results from the incredible team of professionals and physicians we have. You can be confident in the trust you place in us.

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Corporate wellness programs encourage a healthy lifestyle among employees and increases employee healthcare compliance by offering onsite care in a convenient, comfortable and private environment.

Quantum Radiology is proud to partner with Atlanta metro area employers to provide onsite mobile screening mammogram services. In partnership with employers, we are able to facilitate early detection of breast cancer, reduce healthcare costs, and improve employee compliance and satisfaction.

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