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Speaker: Anne Tyler Hall

Our team of attorneys is currently busy abating an almost $50 million IRS health and welfare penalty for one of our plan sponsor clients, and ACA enforcement appears not to be waning as many expected it might under the Trump administration. On the retirement plan side, fiduciary breach lawsuits remain common, and now the plaintiffs bar has taken the fiduciary battle into the health and welfare benefits arena. Plan sponsors large and small should be taking a more proactive approach to employee benefits legal compliance, but unfortunately our team spends the majority of its time putting out legal compliance fires.
Anne Tyler Hall will share cautionary tales, describe our boots on the ground perspective on employee benefits legal compliance, and offer a prospective view of what employers can expect over the coming months and years, highlighting throughout her presentation the importance of a proactive approach to employee benefits legal compliance and creative solutions she and her team have implemented for plan sponsors wishing to be more proactive.

In this session you will:

  • Learn what fiduciary breach is, and why it should matter to you in your role as an HR Professional
  • Learn why enforcement of employee benefits legal compliance is apparently increasing under a pro-business Trump administration
  • Discuss three easy steps to take to be proactive and ensure you don’t find yourself in a penalty situation with the DOL, IRS, or HHS


  • Ethical Practice
  • Communication
  • HR Expertise