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Speaker: Hakeem Isaac | Founder, unboXt, Inc.

Since the term “workforce diversity” was first coined in the 90’s, the topic has received consistent and burgeoning attention from organizations, leaders and media. Given its ubiquity in popular press, it still remains a relatively novel and elusive idealism for most companies. Why? Trust is absent.

This presentation will give a refreshing outlook on the evolution of diversity. But more importantly, each attendee will leave with elementary, actionable steps geared toward galvanizing teams behind diversity initiatives. If implemented corporations will finally realize a diverse and equitable work environment where everyone belongs.

In this session you will:

  • Build a historical appreciation for “workforce diversity”
  • Identify the current routines companies use to approach workplace diversity
  • Unlock a multi-step approach to create an environment where everyone belongs


  • Communication
  • Global & Cultural Effectiveness
  • HR Expertise