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Jennifer Sandberg | Partner, Fisher Phillips LLP
Terri Stewart | Partner, Fisher Phillips LLP

Ongoing sexual harassment allegations at high-profile organizations serve as potent reminders that the workplace did not become as civilized as we had hoped over the last 30 years. Despite well-intentioned policies and procedures directed at eliminating inappropriate behavior from the workplace, the problem persists. Your executive team is looking to you and your team for guidance on this prominent issue—not only from a case defense standpoint, but also for strategies on creating a complete cultural shift in the dynamics of your organization.

Join Jennifer Sandberg and Terri Stewart from Fisher Phillips to hear expert perspectives on developing a progressive culture, cutting-edge policies, reporting and investigative procedures, first-class training, case defense strategies and more. This discussion will help unlock strategies to protect your employees and your organization while developing a strong culture of acceptance and inclusion.

In this session you will learn:

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  • Ethical Practice
  • Communication
  • HR Expertise