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Speaker:  Marty Martenson | Managing Partner, Martenson Law

With the issue of employee pay taking center stage in the workplace and the courtroom, employers must be increasingly diligent as it relates to their pay practices and procedures. Gone are the days when an employer could simply apologize for an error or omission, correct the problem, and move forward. Today, the compensation landscape is littered with potential minefields. The risks of non-compliance have grown too costly and penalty-ridden. Compliance is a must.

The session will involve discussions regarding:

  • Pay Reporting/Disclosure
  • Pay Equity Analysis
  • Minimum Wage Initiatives
  • Editing Time Records/Working Off the Clock
  • Paycheck Requirements
  • Collective and Class Actions
  • Auditing Initiatives

Join this engaging and participative session! The topics discussed represent information about which every employer must be aware.

In this session you will:

  • Discuss several sub-plots to the subject of compensation in the workplace
  • Employers will learn more so that they have a greater understanding of their legal responsibilities regarding employee compensation and the liability associated with noncompliance


  • Ethical Practice
  • Communication
  • HR Expertise