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Speaker: Brent Hines | Founder and Executive Director, Foundation for Financial Wellness

How can the changing workforce provide greater value to the employee, as well as, their employer? How can we, as HR Professionals, make a lasting difference in the lives of our employees? What can we do that will reap big rewards without costing a bundle? These are challenges HR Professionals like you face daily. Join us as we take a close look at financial wellness—the consequences when it’s lacking and the opportunity for positively impacting organizations at every level.

The impact of financial stress is great and oftentimes seeps into one’s physical, emotional, relational, and professional well-being. Financial distress is real, it’s chronic and business leaders are feeling the direct impact of their employees under-performing due to financial stress and distraction. 70% of US Workers report that money is the top source of their stress. They worry more about finances than they do about their physical health.

What happens when an organization has a number of employees who are stressed and distracted? Deadlines are missed, projects are delayed, quotas are not reached, and morale suffers. Addressing financial wellness in the workplace will help improve workplace productivity and morale, which will generate positive results for the company.

Together we can provide real world solutions for what people care about the most. The curriculum provided by the non-profit 501(c)(3) Foundation for Financial Wellness is rooted in Behavioral Science and Adult Learning Theory, developed in conjunction with our very own NASA rocket scientist (yes, we’re serious)! This means that the content will yield measurable, meaningful, and significant results. Financial wellness is the employee benefit that will provide the knowledge, motivation, and tools to empower employees to live financially wise and values-driven lives with confidence and security… and, isn’t that what wellness is all about?

In this session you will:

  • Receive a Workforce Assessment: “Are Financial Wellness Programs a Fit for Your Organization?”
  • Discuss success criteria of a Financial Wellness Program
  • Review the 7 pillars of Financial Wellness Behavior Change Model


  • Leadership & Navigation
  • Communication
  • HR Expertise